Vice President

This past Sunday, November 27th, 2011, my Fraternity held elections for our executive board positions. We have a 5 position executive board that consists of: President, Vice President Executive, Vice President Administrator, Treasurer, and Secretary.

I am very excited, because I was elected Vice President Administrator, or VPA for short. This position deals with the day-to-day operations as well as writing the agenda for each chapter meeting. This is a very large responsibility and I am very proud to have been elected from my peers.

After being in the Fraternity for 3 years, I’ve become very intrigued by the position. Although I can not wait to take over the position, I know the size shoe I have to fill. Our current VPA, in my own opinion, is the best we have had in as many years as I’ve been a brother. It is going to be tough to please everyone, especially who I will be taking over for. Thankfully for me, he is graduating at the end of the semester so he will not be around to see how I handle the position.

The greatest part of the new position is who I will be surrounded by. I’ve got my very close friends: Chris, Eric, Nick and Thomas on the board with me. We all get along very well and communicate thoroughly. We are all very pleased.

Anyway, sorry for all the information. I am just very excited, can you tell?

Alpha Kappa Lambda Beta Tau Chapter

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4 Responses to Vice President

  1. zackgondek says:

    Hey man that’s great. I always enjoy knowing leaders in the Greek community. I never knew you guys have two vice presidents. It’s funny how fraternities are different in ways like that. I’m glad to see someone else post a blog about the good part of the Greek system as well.

  2. Congratulations on all of your executive positions! Being on an executive board of anything is a big step. I was recently elected secretary of Alpha Sigma Tau and I share the excitement that you expressed. Though being a large part of an organization is a big responsibility, I feel as if it is more of a reward. You can first hand work on the growth and development of your fraternity. Also, you can make sure you leave the fraternity the way you would like it to be. I feel like as an older girl of my sorority, I can be a good example to the younger girls and make sure I leave my sorority feeling proud to be an alumna. I’m sure you will do a great job and your current VPA will look at AKL next year and be very impressed with all you’ve done. Make sure to work hard and give it your all!

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  4. Congrats Jake! That is awesome. I would eventually like to be able to hold a position in my sorority also but haven’t quite had the time to put into it. What you learn when being on exec board will help you out in many situations during the rest of your college career. I think greek is an amazing organization to get involved with and its great that you are taking such a big position in AKL! Congrats again!

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